Men’s Blue Blazer, red neck tie, white shirt, Gucci moccasins, black skinny jeans & red rose brooch: Street Style

Coloured blazers are going to be a hit this summer and are a great way to inject life into your summer wardrobe.

Men tend to go for neutral colours (such as black, grey navy etc) and shy away from other colours.

Blue is not only a stereotypical colour for men but it’s also gives a sleek polished look to your outfit. Blue blazer is versatile and appeals to men.

I like how Arnold has styled his blue blazer by pairing it with a crisp white shirt, red tie, red rose brooch, black skinny trousers and shoes for a smart-casual look.

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Blue blazer can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Since blue colour is easier to wear, blue blazers works well with most neutral tones and compliment other colours such as yellow, orange and red.

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Here are a few ways one can wear a blue blazer, since suits have regained its rightful place in men’s wardrobe why not wear a blue suit with pastel/checked shirt, a tie and black brogues for a statement look. Pair your blue blazer with a polo shirt, straight leg jeans and converse for an off duty look. For a summer look wear pair your blue blazer with a pair of shorts, loafers and a shirt/t-shirt. For the fashion forward individuals, pair a blue blazer with a black shirt, blue chinos, and black brogues to stand out from the crowd.

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Men's blue blazer: Zara

Let us know if you will be investing in a blue blazer and how you will go about styling it.

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