Scatter back sofas: Different Types of Sofas

There so many types of sofas out there from modern, classic to transitional styles to choose from to inject some style into your living room.

Sofas are the focal point of any living room and they will be the frequently used pieces of furniture in your home.

The choice of sofas that one decides to go for depends on the functionality, purpose and usage. 

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Cushion back or scatter back sofas are stylish and perfect for long-term sitting without hurting your back. They’re also easy to remove and wash due to the zipper which makes them ideal if you have young children and love revamping/switching out the cushions for different covers now and then. The downside of scatter back sofas is the cushion get easily squashed making constant fluffing necessary.

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Pillow back sofas can feature large or smaller cushions which can be positioned to your liking. We opted for chocolate brown 2x4 seater sofa scatter-back style with contrasting cushions designs which came with a matching large footstool which we use as a centrepiece table.

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Do let us know your thoughts on scatter/pillow/cushion back sofas.

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