Men’s sky/light blue suit with a red shirt, black velvet tassel loafers & black pocket square

Blue is having a moment in the fashion world. Blue come in different shades from dark blue to royal blue and light blue. Blue suits are versatile, timeless and guaranteed to turn heads for the right reasons.

Light blue suits are also perfect for formal wear such as weddings, birthdays or co-operate events. You can wear a sky/pastel blue suit with a simple white, black, grey, deep purple, red shirt, sky blue, off pink, pinstripe or gingham shirt. Black or brown shoes go well too with pastel blue suits.

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Yemi looks suave in this pastel blue suit with a red shirt, black belt, black pocket square and matching velvet tassel loafers for a smart look.

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You don’t have to restrict yourself to wearing full suit as you can wear them as separate for a more smart-casual look.

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