Benefit of Vitamin E oil for natural hair & skin

Most hair products contain Vitamin E as the main ingredient and there’s a reason for that because Vitamin E promotes good circulation and stimulates hair growth. 

Vitamin E can be ingested as supplements or foods such as eggs, spinach, cereals, soybeans, grains & nuts. 

Since Vitamin E is very powerful, it’s recommended to use a few drops with other oils such as olive, rosemary or coconut oil. Massage the oil mixture into your scalp every day for better results.

Below are a few benefits of Vitamin E for hair

  • Prevents hair loss & stimulated hair growth by boosting blood circulation into the scalp
  • Prevents damage of hair shafts 
  • Strengthen hair follicles
  • Smoothen & repairs split ends
  • Prevents premature hair graying  
  • Reduces dryness of the hair
  • Decreases sun damage to the hair 
  • Improved hair texture by getting rid of fizzy
  • Makes the hair looks healthy and shiny

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Benefits of Vitamin E on skin

  • Vitamin E is full of antioxidants hence it prevents scars from becoming permanent
  • Can be used as skin moisturizer
  • Promote healing of sunburn due to exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays.
  • Help to soften dry and rough hands
  • Helps fight wrinkles and any sign of aging by blocking free radical.
  • Good for treating hyperpigmentation of the skin
  • Helps get rid of brown spots


Do let us know if you'll be trying Vitamin E anytime soon


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