Different ways of buying affordable Home Furniture

Many consumers think that catalogue companies just sell clothes. However, these retailers stock a wide range of items, including furniture items like dining tables, sofas and beds. Here are the best catalogues for home furniture.

1. Next

Next is best known for its clothes and shoes, and have become one of the biggest catalogue brands in the UK. The company also sells a wide range of furniture items, too, including sofas, home furnishings and bathroom items. Consumers can transform the look of their home with a plethora of products including armchairs and lamps and accessories. The company offers various finance options, too, allowing you to spread the cost of your order over time and make repayments in instalments. This way, you can manage your finances.

Unlike some other catalogue companies, you can open a new account in your nearest Next store (there are hundreds of branches across the UK) or do it online or over the phone. You can then make repayments in the same way. With Next, you can have your products delivered to your door and choose from hundreds of furniture items in one place.


2. Very

Very's finance options are simple. You can spread the cost of your purchase and make three interest-free payments. That means you won't have to pay anything on top of your purchase if you pay for your item within this time frame. As well as selling clothes for women, men and children, Very has a wide range of furniture items, including sofas and beds on finance.

You can have these delivered directly to your door, ideal if you don't have transport to pick up big, bulky items like this. You can apply for a new account on the Very website or over the phone and make monthly instalments on your purchase. You'll receive a monthly statement from the company telling you how much you have to spend and what you will need to pay that month.



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