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Retro phones are not only unique but guaranteed to turn your hallway and every telephone conversation into a stylish affair! And the good news is that vintage phones are making a comeback and can act as a stunning centre pieces in your living room.

There’s nothing as exquisite as entering a house that has a unique retro stylish pieces that are rare to find. And these vintage style telephones will be the centre of attention in your home interior.  Most retro style telephones come with modern features, and are compatible with standard home telephone line. They come in a range of designs that will suit your style and home, from push button telephones to 1950’s American diner phones and rotary dial telephones.

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This Swissvoice ePure DECT Cordless Phone comes in black or white which makes it blend well with other unique pieces in your home. The phone features a spectacular neo retro design, talk time up to 10h, standby time up to 100h, cordless, speakerphone, keypad lock, alarm function, up to 100 name & number directory and clock time display.

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