Floral Fabulous Spring-Summer Trend

Now that spring is here (at least for some people, as for some of us it’s still snowing and there’s no a sign of stopping) there’s no better way to start getting flowery with the floral print. Floral prints are must have trend for this spring/summer season.

Floral print when worn correctly will make you look classic, beautiful effortlessly chic. Floral items come in form of pants, jeans, blouses, blazers, jackets, accessories, and leggings. Wear a darker floral print into cooler seasons and bright floral prints for spring and summer.

Some people may be reluctant to embrace the floral trend, but fears not as here are some tips on how to wear the floral trend. 

If you’re not bold enough to wear prints why don’t you start by wearing a pair of floral pants, skirt, blouse, or shorts and pair them with an item that has a colour that is already in the floral outfit. Or simply pair the floral piece with a black or white top/blouse to make the floral piece the focal point and you can even throw in a pair of heels, or sandals or pumps.

If you’re bold enough why not mix and match floral prints with other prints for an edgy look. Mixing different prints and textures/pattern is an amazing way of creating variety outfits. You can pair a floral skirt/pants and a striped/polka dot top or striped blouse or vice versa.  You can also mix and match large floral prints with small floral prints to create balance or wear a floral print with a totally different print i.e. tribal or plaid print.

You can also incorporate floral accessories into your dressing such as floral scarf; floral shoes i.e. heels, pumps and trainers, and handbag. You can also team up a floral blazer/jacket with a blouse and skirt/jeans/shorts.

You can also wear a floral dress with a statement necklace for a girly girl look. Pair the floral dress with a plain cardigan or blazer and trainers for a relaxing look or with heels for date night look. Pair a maxi floral print with sandals and a cross bag.

Has floral print been a part of your spring wardrobe in the past? Will it make an appearance this season?

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I love this trend, I am obsessed with anything floral.


I totally love the floral trend. I don´t own that many items yet but I´ll get me some more. I have still hope that the Spring will arrive over here too. At least it stopped snowing but it´s freezing outside :-)
Mira http://www.glamdevils.com

Love this trend, Blake Lively's jacket is gorgeous. I've got some floral shoes which I bought from www.KissShoe.co.uk by Dolcis and I can't wait to wear them, I'll tone them down with some black skinnies and a blazer. x


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