Androgynous Trend: Black women's pant suit with a white shirt, a bow tie & turquoise heels

Androgynous Trend has been around for sometime and it's now evolving. When talking about the Androgynous Trend I consider reserved, simple, and tailored characteristics.  

A few celebs were spotted wearing the masculine trend for the grammy awards this year.  The basic key in wearing a masculine look is to incorporate femininity to it; you can even throw in bright colours. 

Esther Quek and Alexa Chung are the queens of masculine looks, they pull off this trend by adding a feminine spin to it. It's very easy to wear masculine trend by wearing a boyfriend blazer/jeans and throwing in loafers/brogues.  Check or tweed jacket can give you the masculine look.

I love the way Tolu has combined the two hottest trends  together, the monochrome and the androgynous trend and managed to pull them off. Just a simple shirt tucked into trousers, double breasted coat like the way Tolu has done and you will achieve this masculine look.


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