'Ankara/Kitenge'/chitenge/African print Dress with turquoise heels : Street style

‘Ankara/kitenge’ styles have recently gained headlines in the fashion world and I love everything about Charlotte’s ‘Ankara/kitenge’ dress, the length the design the print everything about it is simply gorgeous.

Ankara/kitenge prints are versatile, the colour and patterns have given rise to so many possibilities and they can worn by everyone regardless of their race, background or culture.

Ankara/kitenge prints can be tailor made to suit any occasion (casual and formal wear), and they’re usually colourful and appealing and a few celebs have been spotted wearing them. 

Ankara prints can be sewn by blending different prints/materials together or just using one print like Charlotte’s dress.

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These prints can make outfits from office, casual to wedding wear and there also accessories such as earrings, bangles, shoes, bags, necklaces and rings made using Ankara prints.

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Here are a few ways of wearing Ankara dress, pair your Ankara dress with a plain blazer and heels. You can also team up your Ankara dress with a cardigan and pumps or trainers.

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Dis is so nice,loving the style and shoe to match.

the print is what really got me here, just gorgeous!!!
brooke @ what2wear, monikabrooke.blogspot.com

Love it. Such a lovely look, dear ^_^

Have A Great Weekend,



What a beautiful dress, the cut is perfect and the colors are so pretty for spring.

OMG!!the dresses looks so amazing. Chitenge can do wonders..:)

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