Ankara/kitenge/chitenge/African print High neck top with black high waist wide leg loose pants, black over the shoulder long coat, gold statement necklace and bangles : Styling African style - Street Style

Ankara/kitenge/chitenge/African prints are in vogue thanks to fashionistas and designers who have been creating stylish pieces using the fabric. This ankara high neck top is stylish and can be worn just like any other top. 

High neck tops look fabulous when paired with jeans, trousers, skirts, shorts or culottes. Style this ‘ankara’ high neck top with a high waist skirt & strappy heels. Wear an African print high neck top with a high waist denim jeans and flat sandals.

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We love how she has teamed up her ‘kitenge’ high neck top with a gold statement necklace, bangles, long over the shoulder coat, and a pair of black high waist wide leg loose pants for a polished look.

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High waist wide leg loose pants are perfect for giving you a rad 70s style vibe. They’re perfect when teamed cropped tops, bralets, tucked in blouses/shirts, blazers or tank tops. High waist wide leg pants can be worn with heels or flat shoes.

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