'Ankara'/'kitenge'/'chitenge'/African print mermaid maxi dress-wedding guest styles

Ankara mermaid maxi dress is the perfect way to rock your amazing curves on a wedding day, evening or prom night. Mermaid dresses are elegant, classy, feminine and add curves to your figure.

Mermaid dresses are also called trumpet or fit and flare dresses. Ankara Mermaid evening gowns follow your silhouette to the mid thigh or calf and then flare out at the bottom.

Ankara mermaid dresses come in different fabrics, necklines, sleeves and different skirt styles.

Trumpet dresses will give you a stunning hourglass figure while hiding any imperfections. Mermaid style has many variations and that will look good on any body type and that can be endlessly customized. 

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Ankara mermaid maxi dresses can be teamed with killer heels to elongate your legs or can be worn with flat shoes.  Ankara mermaid dresses can be worn with statement pieces such earrings, necklaces and bangles.

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