Beige pants/trousers with a black t-shirt, statement necklace & heeled sandals: How to style a T-shirt

Basic t-shirts: T-shirts are wardrobe hero and can literally be dressed up or down to suit any occasion which includes the gym and a night out/dinner date.

T-shirts come in different fits and colours, so make sure you choose the right fit that suit your body type.

When it comes to fashion, sometimes simplicity is more. All you need is a simple basic t-shirt and the right accessories to transform your ensemble into something magical.

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A basic tee can be paired with skirts, jeans, leather jackets, denim jackets, blazers, overalls/dungarees, cardigans, heels, flat shoes, shorts and pants/trousers. You can decide to wear a simple plain t-shirt or opt for a slogan or artistic/graphic tee to give your ensemble life. Whether you decide to go for a V-neck or round neck tees, try to have fun with them like tying a side, front or back knot to transform them into crop tops.

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I wore the beige pants with a black round neck t-shirt, cuff, cream heeled sandals, earrings and bronze statement necklace to make the outfit stand out.

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Beige trousers/pants: Most people tend to stay away from beige colour as they find it to boring or drab. Beige pants/trousers can be stylish and a go to for all occasions which include casual or business when worn the right way. Since beige is such a basic neutral it can be worn with other coloured tops/blouses (such as red, emerald green, navy blue, white, stripes or prints) apart from just blacks to make your ensemble pop. Avoid wearing khaki/beige head to toe as you will look washed out and that isn’t a good look.

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 What I wore: Beige pants: H&M, plain black t-shirt: Primark, Bronze statement necklace & cuff: FashionCadet Shop, Heeled sandals: Next, Earrings: Accessorize.

Do let us know if you’ll be investing in a pair of beige trouser and t-shirts this season.

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These are areas that are home to thousands of servers and computers, which act as centers for data processing (computing) necessary to support our operations telematics.

Greenpeace has analyzed the behavior of 14 major global IT companies, estimating the energy consumption of more than 80 data centers in its Clean Energy Index responsible for the consumption of about 632 billion kWh per year.

This makes these companies the relevant targets for energy saving policies.

But we must not make the mistake of thinking that this is just a problem of the big world of ICT: Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Amazon. Data centers (clearly smaller in size), there are many and for all tastes. Just think of the platforms and remote control of network systems / electrical infrastructure, or simply to the centers at the service of regional intranets and extranets local public administrations. Moreover, it is easy to think that with the full implementation of the concepts of smart city (and smart grid), which rely on intelligence information a key role in process management, and cloud computing, a set of technologies that allow, typically in the form of a service offered by a provider to the customer, store / store and / or process data (via CPU or software) through the use of hardware / software distributed and virtualized network, the data center will increase dramatically.

The increased use of services in the public and private sectors, has led to a growth in energy demand for centralized IT equipment in data centers and units of central IT companies. The trend is growing. Over the next five years, if things do not change, consumption and energy costs of the factories of the twenty-first century information-sopprannome the right to use a Greenpeace-double.

The adoption of technologies with greater level of efficiency and with optimized management hardware may lead to energy and cost savings up to 75%. But the design and / or modernization in a "green" of these spaces is certainly a complex process-even duty-which involves different areas of expertise with investments which are often substantial.

The design of an efficient data center employs about in a coherent and coordinated with each other installations services (air distribution systems, cooling systems, thermal storage, cogeneration, solar cooling, lighting and heating, pumps, fans and valves) and equipaggiamneti information technology (servers, processors, UPS & PDU, economizers). All accompanied by a suitable sensory system control which controls real-time operations to be performed on the basis of changes in vision of the conditions set point (temperature, humidity, pressure, etc. ...).

In this, the number one search engine, Google, unlike other players in the ICT, seems to have gone beyond the strategy of "green washing", focusing on renewable energy and energy efficiency as a real business. Google has for years made "zero impact" for their data centers, as it accounts for approximately 33% of its energy needs from renewable sources produced in the world, and the rest he makes up for projects to zero carbon emissions, so declare that 100 searches on its engine in terms of energy equivalent to a T-shirt shirt.

He dropped out of school last year.
He made fun of her German accent.

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