Beyonce in a Tanzanian designer ‘khanga’ top & 'ankara'/'kitenge'/chitenge/African print shorts

Beyonce uploaded this behind the scene photo of herself wearing Chichia London ‘khanga’ (which is a traditional East Africa cotton printed fabric used by local women as wraps) top.

Beyonce wore a patchwork top from a Tanzania-London based fashion designer Christine Mhando from her fashion label Chichia London.

The top is part of Chichia London spring/summer 2013 collection that blends vibrant colours, textures, ‘khanga’ patwork/prints, and ‘Swahili’ words together.

Beyonce paired her outfit with a black fedora and sunglasses and African print shorts for a fun playful look.

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You only get one chance to make a first impression... but take the time to peel away the misconceptions and beautiful layers of one's true personality can be revealed. For Spring Summer 2013, London based label Chichia explores this concept in their latest collection inspired by the notion of getting to know a person through time. Details such as multi layered collars, tiered dress bodices and skirts are featured throughout the collection in Chichia signature playful contemporary and easy to wear silhouettes with a refreshingly vibrant colour palette.

Quirky details such as printed peek-a-boo pocket bags, inside binding and displaced lapels are featured as a quiet salute to deconstruction and stained-glass window inspired patchwork khanga prints are inter-mixed with bead work, sequins and strategically placed swahili khanga sayings. mis-matched Slithers of underskirts are also on show placed with contrasting textures; matt and shiny, print, solid, and everything in-between. . The printed East African cotton khanga is featured and referenced rather than being the main point of focus and used alongside fabrics such as silks, viscose, cotton and jerseys.
Their collections are produced in Tanzania.
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