Black A-line Neoprene skirt with white shirt & stiletto heels: Neoprene Trend - Chic Work Style

This wet suit material has been making waves in the runways as well as the fashion world.

Neoprene is made from synthetic rubber which makes it perfect for fashion pieces.

Neoprenes come in skirts, blazers, coats, dresses, tops, sweatshirts and shorts.

Faith looks effortless in a black A-line neoprene skirt which she teamed with a white short sleeved shirt, black skinny belt, a pair of black stilettos with a hint of leopard print for a chic look. This look is perfect for work or play.

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How to style neoprene fashion pieces
Pair a neoprene sweatshirt with a shirt underneath it, trumpet skirt, slip on and a cross bag for a stylish shopping look. For a weekend look wear a neoprene top with a pair of denim shorts and converse for a fun sporty look. Wear a neoprene dress with a blazer and stiletto heels. For a beach look wear a colorful neoprene bikini to make sure that all eyes are on you. Wear a neoprene skater skirt with a cropped top, biker jacket and ankle strappy heels for a girl’s night look. Wear a neoprene jacket/blazer with a t-shirt, denim jeans and loafers for a comfy look.

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Share your thoughts on how you would style a neoprene fashion pieces.

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