Black Peplum top/blouse with a belt, chunky necklace, cream shearling coat & purple pencil skirt

Peplum tops/blouses add a dramatic edge to a simple ensemble are guaranteed to take your from the boardroom to a night out with ease. They come in a variety of colours & are suit all body types and shapes.

Jesuloba looks fabulous in this black peplum top which she paired with a skinny belt, chunky necklace, cream shearling coat, purple pencil skirt, black stiletto heels and a matching clutch. Her outfit is perfect for the office as well as for a casual event.

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Peplum tops go best with skinny belts rather than oversized/large belt

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How to style a peplum top with a belt

Pair a peplum top with a belt, a pair of skinny jeans, strappy heels & a boxy clutch bag for a stylish lady like dinner look. Wear a lace peplum top with a belt, A-line skirt, pointed stiletto heels and a handbag for a wedding look. For a work chic outfit pair a peplum blouse with a belt, tote bag, court heels and pencil skirt. For movie date wear a peplum top with a belt, denim shorts or boyfriend jeans, cross bag and pointed toes flat shoes for a boyish feminine look.

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Share your thoughts on this look and how you would style a peplum top with a belt.

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