Boy meets Girl: Flatforms boots, Boy sweatshirt & lace mini skirt : Street Style

Doesn’t she look adorable? I totally love Dorcas’s look, which is a mixture of boy meets girl. I love the way she has teamed up her sweatshirt with a mini pencil skirt and ankle length platform/flatform shoes.

Boy meets girl is all about the attitude, fun, pop of colors, and edgy. This trend is also about balancing between sexy and slouch. This trend is versatile as you can incorporate masculine/boyish fashion trends into your everyday look but don’t be tempted to raid your boyfriend or husband’s closet and assume it can work for you, this may or may not work as high streets have the right boyish look which flatters women’s’ figure.

One can decide to wear the whole boyish/androgynous look or incorporate some feminine pieces to their looks. Here are a few tips on how to introduce a boyish look into your outfit and good news is that this trend can also be incorporated in your work/office wear

You don’t see men wearing heels so ditch the high heels for flat shoes such as brogues or moccasins or loafers to get the boyish look. Tweed blazers can be worn with a pair of jeans or miniskirt with tights or tweed pants can be paired with a blouse or sleeveless top.

Boyfriend’s jeans are the ultimate boyish look which can be paired with a tank top or blouse to give it a touch of femininity. Don’t to shy away from accessories such as bowties, fedora hats which add a little tomboy chic to your look. V neck sweater are also staple items for boyish look, so buy a one size bigger and pair it with your tailored pants or jeans for a boyish look.

flatforms shoes, lace pencil skirt, lace mini skirt, Boy sweatshirt, sweatshirt with a mini dress

Get on the bandwagon and rock Boy Meets Girl trend

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Boy meets Girl: Flatforms boots, Boy sweatshirt & lace mini skirt



She looks STUNNING!

Thank u so much for your amazing comment.

Lots Of Love,


Love that skirt!


Love the skirt with the hoodie....and the hair!!!! <3

I love the skirts:)
Kisses from

Wow, such a beautiful post. Your look is Perfect!

Have a wonderful weekend, my love!


Have a good weekend :)

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She looks awesome. Such a funky outfit. Loved them.

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