Coffee table centerpieces: maroon leaf plate/dish, stacked books with white seashell sculpture centerpiece

Coffee table centerpieces have a way of brightening up a home and giving the table a wow factor. Table pieces can be as simple as candles, sea shells, knick-knacks, books, flowers,  plants or small objects which have sentimental value that can be used to create stunning centerpieces.

Our coffee table has a maroon leaf shape bowl/dish which we have place large multi-coloured IKEA (maroon, red and green) woven balls and sea & snail shells.

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The best places to shop for coffee table centerpieces are from charity/thrift or vintage shops where you can get unique pieces that won't cost you a leg and an arm.

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How to dress up your coffee table

You can decide to use a tray as a foundation of your centre piece and place some knick-knacks and a vase with flower. You can also use the tray to keep the TV remote controls. Arrange books with colourful covers together and place unique artworks or candles on top of them for a stylish look. Place a single bold statement such as a sculpture at the centre of the table to make it the focal point. Place fresh flowers in a unique vase which that can act as a centerpiece.


Share your thoughts with us on how you would arrange a coffee table centerpiece

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