Cropped Pants Trend :Brown cropped pants with green sleeveless top/blouse, gold neck chain & grey heels: Street Style:

Cropped pants are very stylish, flattering and versatile and can be worn as casual/formal attire. Crop pants have become women’s wardrobe favourite and can look great when worn the right way or can go horribly wrong if not worn properly. Remember to get the cut and the length proportion right. 

Oyindamola has done a good job styling her brown cropped pants with a green top, anklet, necklace and heels. This looks is effortlessly cool. Crop pants come in many style such as cropped harem pant, cropped cargo pants, capri pants, cropped crepe trousers, cuffed pants and even tailored cropped pants. Crop pants also come in different colours, prints and patterns.

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Short people tend to have a little bit of a disadvantage when it comes to wearing crop pants as they tend to hit above the ankle hence shortening their frame. But fear not, if you’re short you can still pull off this trend without looking shorter using these suggested tips. If you’re short stick to crop pants that fit/skinny/tapered at the bottom to avoid cutting your petite legs off. Also if you’re short wear heels or wedged with crop pants to elongate your legs.

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Tall people tend to have a lot of advantage when it comes to crop pants. Straight crop pants tend to look good on all body types, but if you’re tall and slim go for narrow cut and if you’re curvy slight flare will also look good on you.

When wearing cropped pants always tuck in your shirt or blouse and make sure your blouse falls below the waist and you can even throw in a small blazer to your look. Cropped pants work best when paired with heels or wedges as they tend to elongate your legs. Crop pants can also be paired with flat shoes/sandals but do this if you’ve a tall frame. Cropped pants can also be paired with a denim jacket/blazer or bike jackets.

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Here are few tips on how to wear the crop trend, pair a khaki cropped pants with a white/black top, a little blazer and heel for a casual look. Pair a red cropped pant with a brown top, strap ankle heels and a trench coat. Team up a printed cropped pant with a sweater. For an office wear pair cropped pants with a solid colour blouse and patent court shoes for a polished look. For a tomboy trend pair cropped pants with a classic white t-shirt, a watch and loafers for androgynous look. For a statement look pair printed crop pants with printed blouse.

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Love cropped jeans <3 You look gorgeous!!

She looks gorgeous. I´m not that short (1.68m) but my legs are too short. I bought some cropped pants (petite) at asos and guess what they don´t look like cropped pants at all hahaa

xx Mira

I appreciate all the advice and I consider it very good. I like cropped pants and to be honest if it weren't for Blair Eadie I wouldn't have known about it.


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