Denim shirt, denim skinny jeans & Ankara/kitenge/chitnge/African print handbag: Denim on denim

Denim on denim trend has been around for sometimes now and is still growing strong. This 90s grunge inspired trend is easy to style and suits every shape, age and body size.

Sarah looks well put together in a blue denim shirt with matching jeans. She accessorised her look with burgundy strappy sandals, ‘ankara’/’kitenge’/African print handbag, statement necklace and coloured hoop earrings for a sleek look.

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Here are a few tips to pull off a double denim look. 

Get the right fit of denim jeans, shirt, skirt or shorts that will flatter your body and shape. Opt for the same colour of denim or for contrast denim hues/colours.

If you’re not too keen on denim on denim, you can still fake it by wearing a light blue shirt or chambray shirt with your favourite denim jeans for a look that will turn heads.

For a toned down look wear a jumper/sweater underneath your denim shirt with jeans and brogues for a boy meet girl look.

Don’t shy away from accessorising your denim on denim outfit with statement necklaces, bangles or handbags.

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Let us know if you will be joining the denim on denim bandwagon this summer.

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