Distressed Cuffed denim shorts & checked shirt

Summer is official here and so far we can't complain as the weather has been really kind to us. There's no better way to welcome summer than showing off your fabulous pins in a pair of denim cuffed shorts.

Denim shorts are summer go-to-pieces as they are comfortable and styling at the same time. They come in different length, cut and design. Distressed cuffed denim shorts are versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

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I paired my ripped cuffed denim shorts (see the diy here) with a checked men's shirt (also worn here), simple beaded necklace, bangles, dark sunglasses and sandals for an effortless summer picnic outfit. 

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Distressed Cuffed denim shorts look perfect when teamed with a t-shirt, sheer blouse, shirts or when layered with a blazer, denim or biker jacket to keep the breeze at bay.


What I wore: Diy cuffed denim shorts, checked shirt: Pop boutique, sandals: Ethel Austin, dark shades: H&M

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Let us know in the comment section on how you would style/wear distressed cuffed denim shorts.

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