DIY Dressing Table Stool

Turn your bedroom into a boudoir with a stylish dressing table, stool & a vanity mirror.  Dressing table stool is a superb addition for the dressing table and is perfect to sit on and make yourself pretty. 

 A while back we visited a vintage store and were given this dressing table stool with no foam for free. 

These are the things you’ll need to do this project: stool, foam/pillow, paint (for the stool if it needs painting), bullion fringe trimming, hot glue gun or staple gun, fabric and a pair of scissors.

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  • Sand down the stool using sand paper, be-careful not to destroy any intriguing details on the stool then paint it using your favourite oil paint. 
  • Once the paint has dried unscrew the top of the stool if that is possible otherwise do as we did. 
  • On a flat surface place the fabric & pillow or foam then turn the stool upside down such that the top of the stool lays on them.
  • Use a hot glue gun or staple gun to glue/pin the fabric & pillow in place. In our case we had to use the hot glue gun as the wood was too hard for the staples to go through.
  • Once that is done use a pair of scissors to cut out any excess fabric. Staple or glue the bullion fringe trimming around the chair. This will help cover any imperfection on the stool and create a stylish finish.
  • This stool is just perfect as it fits underneath the dressing table when not in use therefore maximizing space in the bedroom.


Share your thoughts in the comment section below on this foam stool diy. 

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