DIY Square mirror frame shell decorations

Tired of looking at that boring mirror? Fear not as we’re here to show numerous ways of revamping it. Mirrors have a way of enlarging a space and well decorated mirrors can act as beautify piece of art in a room. 

Below are a few ideas of how you can decorate/revamp a mirror

  • Place paint spray painted bamboo sticks or skewers on a round mirror to create a starburst/sunburst on the mirror.
  • Place the ends of plastic spoons around the mirror to create a master-piece, you can also spray paint the spoons for a better effect.
  • Go for a forest effect by gluing sticks around the mirror.
  • Use empty tissue rolls to create flowers or round art circles around the mirror.
  • Use rope around the mirror to give an interesting effect.

What you need for this project

Hot glue gun, hot glue stick, shells, square mirror

You can decide to glue the shells all around the square mirror or go for a design of your choice.

We placed the shells to the top of the mirror and since we run out of shells we decided to strategically place the remaining ones on both corners.

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