Eyola collection at Africa Fashion Week London 2015 (AFWL15)

The fashion house has two lines: Eyola, the contemporary ready-to-wear line and Eyola Customised, an online virtual design companion assisting women to design their own classic wardrobe staples, with a focus on Savile Row-inspired sharp tailoring.

The Eyola brand champions feminism and the handmade sensibility of nineteenth century intricate and bespoke tailoring. With a penchant for lavish textiles and ornate detailing, the brand exudes an innate sense of style, femininity, timelessness and opulence. Each silhouette, crafted by self-acclaimed 'fashion sculptor' Eyola, is an eccentric display of cut and proportion reminiscent of the Victorian era. Eyola’s richly embellished, form-fitting, sculptural aesthetic has become her signature style.


The Eyola brand looks to the past to create a new era of style and a novel system of fashion. Each silhouette is created as part of an eight-piece capsule collection called an 'octette', a new fashion term coined by Eyola that is derived from one of the Victorian era's most iconic fashion items - the corset, which creates an hourglass figure-8 shape.


Eyola sent models down the runway dressed in a white corset dress, backless sheer top with red & fur skirt, one sleeve pencil dress, black embellished gown with a front slit, boob tube peplum gown, pencil dress with front slit, boob tube velvet dress gown with front split and grey maxi dresses.

Eyola-collection-at-AFWL15,boob tube peplum gown, pencil dress with front slit

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