Fashion Fair - Oil Control Pressed Powder & Foundation Review

Fashion Fair - Oil Control Pressed Powder & Foundation: A few weeks back I decided to try fashion fair, so  went over to fashion fair counter in Debenhams in Oxford Street. I received an excellent customer service from the associate at the counter. She took one look at my skin and was able to tell me the perfect shade for me. She  was going to do the makeup on one side of my face then later on she decided to do my whole face. The pressed powder is said to matte the skin, reduces shine, absorbs excess oil and minimizes the appearance of pores. Skin stays fresh-looking. Oil-Free. Fragrance Free. Great for combination to oily skin. Does not cake on the skin. Available in eleven stay-true shades.

One thing that I found out with the oil pressed powder is that it's heavy on the face, after they had applied the foundation then the pressed powder I looked like I was masked, it was so obvious that I had make up on which I didn't like.

I also realised after sometime the oil control pressed powder did not control my oily face I had to blot after at least 3 hours apart from that the make up blended very well with my skin and smooths over my complexion. The fashion fair Oil Control Pressed Powder & Foundation did not clog my pores or broke me out since I have a very sensitive skin. The makeup alone conceals my dark spots so I did not have to apply concealer.

I give this product 7/10



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