Flat cap: Men’s Accessories

Flat caps are must have item in your winter wardrobe. Flat caps were a big hit last year and are set to be a major trend this season. Caps are comfortable and a great way of preventing your heading from freezing and the same time look stylish. David Beckham & Leonardo DiCaprio have been spotted on numerous occasions wearing flat caps and thanks to them this trend is here to stay.

First things first, choose a hat that sits well & suits your face. Flat caps are versatile and can be worn with suits for a smart-casual look or teamed up with a pair of jeans.

For an office look pair a flap cap with a suit and for a weekend look pair it with a pair of jeans, tailored coat, knitwear & boots just like the way David Beckham wore his for a dressed down look. Beckham wore Lock & Co Hatters, Muirfield flecked herringbone wool flat cap

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