Guide to Mixing Prints: Clashing prints

Mixing prints is stylish, classy and a way of showing that you’re not afraid of patterns & colours. 

This trend can be a little bit tricky to pull off but once you get it right the effect can be really striking and you can created numerous outfits. Mixing prints will make you stand out from the crowd.

When mixing prints stripes, zebra prints & leopard prints are treated as neutrals and can be paired with almost any other prints.

Start by pairing neutral prints with bold prints and always mix large prints with small prints for a maximum impact. Go for prints which are in the same colour palette to avoid wearing an overwhelming outfit.

If you’re new to this trend you can start mixing prints with your accessories. Accessories such as scarf’s, bags, and shoes are great way to ease into this trend.

Here are examples of prints that go well together, floral & soft stripes, stripes & polka dots, animal prints & polka dots, animal prints on animal prints, floral & polka dots, large stripes on small stripes, leopard prints & polka dot, floral & polka dots, stripes & animal prints, polka dot & tropical prints, African prints & stripes, baroque & stripes.

Olivia Palermo looks amazing in clash patterns as she paired her polka dot blouse with a maxi breezy floral print skirt with brown ballet shoes. On another occasion the socialite wore polka dot on polka dot by wearing a polka dot blouse with polka dot shoes & a white skater skirt.

Polka dots & floral, dots on dots

Laura Whitmore looked incredible in this clashing monochrome print outfit.  The Tv presenter wore graphic print trousers with side stripes which she teamed them up with black pointed heels, black clutch bag, long necklace & long sleeved monochrome print shirt with black pockets.

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The print on print trend is here to stay and Laura just nailed it great tips you gave here breaking it down that way makes it more accessible.
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