Gwen Stefani reveals budget shoes & handbag collection

The singer Gwen Stefani has unveiled budget shoe collections that are not only comfortable but also stylish. The ever stylish yummy mum to be has partnered with on the new accessories line which includes handbags. 

The singer told WWD 'The really big challenge is to get a shoe to look sexy and be at a comfortable height, and I think that we did that with the sandals. ‘I am trying to make the perfect shoe that you can wear all day long.'

About the new collection the singer said ‘I just wanted to make something that looked really good and high quality, but that you could afford. That was a challenge.’ She also admitted that it was not an easy project, ‘To see a sketch and then to try to visualize what it is going to end up being and how it is going to work on the foot, it is not an easy project.'

The heavily pregnant star who still rocks heels created a wide selection of handbags. She said ‘I just kind of wanted it to go all over the place and have something for everybody’. She admitted that she wasn’t a handbag fan and started wearing handbags in her mid-30s and explained that the handbags from her gx collection are more casual than the shoes, saying, 'I love a softer bag that has almost a backpack feel.'

Gwen Stefani budget shoes & handbag collection is set to cost $69.95 and $110.95 and include 7 handbags and 24 pairs of footwear.


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