Hi-Low kitenge/ankara/African print dress with brown belt, flat sandals & large sunglass: Street Style

Hi-Low kitenge/ankara dress is a staple piece for every girl’s wardrobe. This dress is super classy, elegant and will give you round the clock glamour while showing off your amazing legs & shoes.

Hi-Low kitenge/ankara dress is distinguished by hemline that is short in the front and long in the back.  These dresses are perfect for for all occasions from day to night out to birthday parties/weddings, they will never look out of place.

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Olivia looks absolutely stunning in this high low ankara dress which she accessorized with brown sandals, bangles, belt & large sunglasses for a casual day look. This high low kitenge dress features sleeveless & cut out back. 

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Team this ankara asymmetric dress with a chunky necklace, clutch & high heels to elongate your legs for a casual-formal look. You can also pair your hi-lo kitenge dress with a belt to emphasize your waist.

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Let us know your thoughts on hi-low kitenge/ankara dress.  

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