High waist black accordion pleated skirt, leather sleeves tweed jacket, blue suede heels & oversized envelop clutch

Black accordion pleated skirt suit everybody type, shape, style and occasion. These skirts are super stylish and can be worn with t-shirts, blouses, shirts, jumpers or cropped tops.

Accordion pleat skirts come in different length from mini to midi, maxi to high-low. They also look perfect when worn with a blazer, denim jacket or tweed jacket.

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Sarah looks trendy in a black high waisted accordion pleated skirt with a tweed jacket, striped blouse, a green oversized envelop clutch bag and blue pump heels for a sartorial look. Sarah's tweed jacket features leather sleeves for a stylish two toned jacket.

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See here on how to style a tweed jacket

stripe blouse, striped top, blue shoes, blue heels, tweed jacket

Add a dash of glamour to your outfit this season with this .fabulous envelope style clutch bag. Oversized envelop clutch bag are for ladies who want more than just lipstick & credit card in their purse. They’re roomy and add a super stylish edge to your outfit.

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Let us hear your thoughts on accordion pleated skirt, tweed jacket and an oversized envelop clutch.

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