How to DIY stacked books table

DIY stacked books table is such a clever way of using books that might be lying around to create an eye catching home décor accessory. Hardcover books are the best for this DIY.

This is such a quick and easy DIY and the only skill needed is your ability to stack books together.
What you will need: same size Hardcover books, glue (not used here), round/square glass or tray (not used here),

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If you’re not using glue like the way I did with this DIY you can stack the books in an angle starting with heavy wider books at the bottom followed by smaller ones at the top. We placed two bird sculptures on our table

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If you’re using glue make sure you have stacked the books the way you want it before gluing them together. You can design a table with one, two, three or four legs and place the round/square glass on top.

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