How to dress your bust

A lot of women wear the wrong bra sizes; see here on how to get the right bra size. Or pop instore for free bra fitting ( M&S, John Lewis, Debenhams, House of Frasier or LaSenza). Always bear in mind that you could be different sizes for different brands. 

Below are tips on how to complement/dress your bust.

  • Before you buy anything keep in mind style that will flatter your bust and won’t work again them
  • Try on a bra before buying it to make sure it fits properly.
  • If you have small boobs go for a push up bra, enhancer bras such as gel, chicken fillets or airlifted which will create a fuller chest. A smaller chest can be accentuated by wearing tops or dresses that have ruffles, frills, flounces, peplums or embellishment to give an illusion of big boobs.
  • It’s not easy to dress large busts so you’ll need to get minimiser bras. They way to dress can also help to impress so always go for clothes that don’t show too much cleavage such as dresses or tops with V-neck, scoop neckline, loose and slightly tailored fit, longer skirts, scarves, statement necklaces, knitwear or asymmetric cuts which gives an illusion of a smaller bust. Avoid wearing flowing tops, halter-neck tops.. think classy and not tacky.

Follow the above tips and you’re sure to get the best from your chest. 

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How to dress your bust




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