How to make your lipstick last longer

Do you want your lipstick to last from morning until evening? If the answer is yes then keep on reading. Use a lipstick that is of matte texture which makes your lipstick last longer but avoid it if you have dry lips.

You’ll need: tooth brush, loose or pressed powder, concealer, lipstick, tissue, lipliner, cotton pads and lipstick brush.

  • The key to keeping your lipstick firmly on is to prepare your lips very well. Use a soft damp toothbrush to brush up your lips & to get rid of dry skin or dead skin cell from your lips that will cause the lipstick to flake off. You can also use a gently exfoliator and exfoliate your lips.
  • Then apply your favourite lip balm or lip moisturiser to moisturise your lips. Use tissue to blot off or remove any excess moisturiser to prevent the lipstick from sliding off.
  • Use a light concealer and wipe lightly over the lips to create a nice base for your lipstick to sit on.
  • Use a lipliner and line around the edge of the lips and fill them in. A nude lipliner will go best with most lipsticks and won’t create a harsh line but if you have a lipliner that matches the lipstick you can still use it. Or use a lipliner that is similar shade to your lips.
  • Apply the lipstick to the back of your clean hands using a lipstick brush and apply it into your lips. Then place one layer of clean tissue over your lips and use a cotton pad or powder brush and deep it in loose or press powder and gently push it over the lips. The tissue gives a finer coverage of powder that is going through into the lips and helps to set the lipstick & mattify it.
  • Then apply the final layer of the lipstick into your lips to give a long lasting glossy finish.


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