How to wear blue blazer: Men's style

How to wear blue blazer: Blazers are must have item in every man’s wardrobe as they’re versatile, stylish and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.  Blue blazers are all about making the right impression in a big way. A blue blazer is good for all year round and easily coordinates with khakis and other items & holds a look together

Blue blazers can be teamed up with plain shirt or t-shirts for a casual style or cutting a dash with some smart trousers.  Wear a blue blazer with jeans, polo shirt & loafers for a smart casual look. Wear a blue blazer with a pair of shorts, brogues & a patterned shirt for a summer look.  

For cold season team up your blue blazer with a hood sweatshirt, jeans, chunky scarf and boots for a stylish look.  Pair a blue blazer with chinos, shirt, oxford shoes for a garden party.

Daniel Radcliffe looked dapper in a cobalt blue blazer which he teamed it up with tailored trousers, monk shoes, white shirt with black stripes, skinny black tie & sunglasses for a smart look with maximum impact. John Krokid wore a navy blue blazer which he paired with matching trousers,  crisp white shirt & black brogues.

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Let us know if you'll be wearing a blue blazer this season and how you would style it

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