How to wear lingerie inspired trend

Recently we have spotted a few celebs wearing underwear as outwear & this trend is set to be even bigger come AW13.

Inner wear as outwear trend is all about taking subtle feminine approach while preserving your modest.

You can pull off this look by incorporating camisole, bralets, corsets/bustiers, cheeky stockings with other pieces from your wardrobe. Wear neutral, pastels, nudes or earthly colours

 How to wear inner lingerie inspired trend 

Olivia Munn looked amazing in a lingerie inspired look where she wore a Michael Kors pre-fall 2013 nude & black lace strapless dress. The dress featured a satin bustier with black ribbon accents which was joined to a black lace skirt with a satin lining. The actress completed her look with pointed nude Christian Louboutins, a tiny necklace & red lipstick letting the dress to be the focus of her look.

Jessica Biel looked glamorous in a sheer lace dress from Dolce and Gabbana AW13 collection. The dress has the 70s style vibe, the actress paired the sheer number with granny pants or high waisted knickers to protect her modest. She completed her look with a Fendi purse & black and white pointed heels.

Kylie Minogue was dressed in lingerie inspired jumpsuit from Roberto Cavalli SS13 collection. The outfit features neon printed crepe, wide legged pants & sheer nightie style overlay great for an evening or relaxing look.

Let us know your thoughts about lingerie inspired trend. Is this fashion forward or faux pas? 

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