Jumper/Sweater worn As A Dress: Trend Alert

Trend Alert: A few celebs such as Rihanna, Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens have been spotted out and about wearing long/oversize jumpers as a dress.

As we all know sweater is such a versatile piece that can be worn in so many different ways. This  jumper as dress look can be dressed up or down by throwing in a pair of heels or boots.

If you're in cold climate wearing leggings or stalking will save you from freezing to death. To avoid embarrasment you can also wear an oversize sweater with a pair of shorts that are just below where the sweater ends 

This trend can also by styled by accessorising it with a belt and a statement necklace. 

 Jumper As Dress with boots

 Jumper as a dress with heels and belt


Rita Ora stepped out in a yellow SpongeBob sweater which she wore as a dress from Jeremy Scott's latest Moschino collection with matching heels for an appearance on BBC Radio 1.

sweater-worn-as-a-dress, SpongeBob SquarePants dress, black and yellow dotted heels, black & yellow polka dot shoes,  SpongeBob sweater, Jeremy Scott's Moschino AW14 collection 

What do you guys think about this trend, is it a Hit or Miss? Would you wear an oversize jumper/sweater as a dress? Let us know



I love selenas look!


I’ll make up for the time you spent on it.

I lost track of him years ago.

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