Kelly Osbourne’s purple braided mohawk with safety pins

Kelly Osbourne showed off her quirky hairstyle in braided Mohawk with silver safety pins when she attended the 2014 TrevorLive event in Los Angeles. 

The Fashion co-host channeled her rocker side in a high-waisted skirt with pink and silver jewels on the front, sparkly heels, drop earrings, black quilted bag and a pink cropped top for a feminine rock chic style.

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His doesn’t get much money. I wonder how he manages to make ends meet.

I can’t put up with your bad work!

She lost my umbrella again, so I gave her a piece of my mind about her carelessness.

That's great! I'm so proud of you. He’s still in despair and can’t let (it) go. You can’t change anything, so let it go.

I'm so happy! Leave him alone, he’s out of sorts today

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