Kitenge peplum dress

Kitenge peplum dresses are understated and can be worn all year round.

Peplum dresses features a variety of styles including midi and mini hem lengths. 

Peplum dresses are versatile and suit everybody type, shape and style.

They’re great for giving an hourglass shape by giving an illusion of a small waist. ‘Ankara’ peplum dresses are perfect for work or play and can be paired with blazers, biker jackets or denim jackets for a contemporary look.

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Modeline looks fabulous in this mini kitenge peplum dress which she wore with gold sky high platform, statement necklace and red quilted handbag. Her dress features a seam with a peplum at the waist and a zip at the back of the neck.

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Always choose a peplum dress that will suit your style and balance out your top half. If you’ve a pear shape we recommend you buy/go for less sharp peplum shape dresses and if you’ve smaller busts you can go for any peplum shape dress. A peplum dress can be accessorised with statement necklaces, bracelets and a belt. Lastly don’t shy away from wearing bold colours, prints/pattern peplum dress. 

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Let us know if you’ll be investing in a peplum dress this season.

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