Kitenge/ankara/African print high neck hi-lo dress with a brown straw handbag& peep toe heels

High neck dresses are not only modest but will highlight your shoulders, collarbone and allows you to play around with the hemline. Collarbone-height neckline dresses can also be tricky to pull off, but worry not as we here to help you look effortlessly sophisticated when wearing them.

Tips on how to wear high neck dresses without looking like your being strangled
•    Opt for sleeveless or short sleeved high neck dress.
•    Wear a shorter or high low hemline to draw attention away from your neckline.
•    Opt for a sheer high neck or cut out back party dresses to be the centre of attention.
•    High-neck style dresses are perfect for most body shapes and sizes but beware they tend to accentuate the chest area.
•    Avoid wearing heavy looking necklaces with high neck dresses instead opt for long necklaces that drop below bust level or wear statement earrings and no necklace.

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She looks effortlessly in this high neck high low kitenge/ankara/chitenge/African print dress which she teamed with a pair of cream peep toe heels and a dark brown straw handbag for a sophisticated look.

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Do share your thoughts with us on this kitenge/ankara/chitenge/African print hi-lo dress.

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