Kitenge/Ankara/African Print Strapless high low dress with black sandals

Kitenge/’ankara’ strapless high low dress is very chic and right on trend. This strapless high low hemline dress is a great way of showing off your fabulous assets, shoulders and legs. 

The ‘kitenge’ dress gives you the best of both i.e. the long and short hemline options which suit any special occasions from the weddings to birthdays and date/casual events.

She looks fabulous in this ‘kitenge’ strapless high low dress which she paired with black strappy heels and a necklace for a head turning outfit. Her ‘ankara’ strapless hi-lo dress features a flattering ruffle hem details at the top & bottom of the dress.

This kitenge strapless high low dress is perfect for accessorising. It will look great with a statement necklace and bracelets on your arms.

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Let us hear your thoughts on this look.

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