Kitenge/ankara/chitenge/African print midi length skirt with matching head scarf, bow tie, handbag, white shirt and orange peep toe wedges

Kitenge fashion is gaining popularity day by day.

This trend has been around for sometimes but lately we have seen a few people from different background, culture and race rocking it.

Kitenge/ankara/chitenge/African print fabric can be made into skirts, tops, shorts, jumpsuits, tops and accessories.

The fabric is so versatile that can be mixed with other fabric such as lace, cotton, velvet, denim, sequin, polyester, satin, chiffon etc.

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Kitenge/ankara/chitenge/African print midi length skirt can be worn with contemporary fashionable pieces such as denim shirts or crop tops for striking looks. Unless you’re 5'6 tall we recommend pairing your midi length skirt with a pair of heels to elongate your legs. 

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Click here and here to see different ways you can rock your midi length skirt this season.

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Do leave a comment in the link below on how you would style a midi length skirt. 

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