Long grey tweed coat with tea length dress, black & white strap heels & brown floppy hat: Retro style

This 1920s tea length style dresses are stylish, classy and super feminine. If you’re looking for something with a retro vintage vibe, tea length dresses are just perfect for that. Tea dresses are also a great alternative to long gowns and can be worn to black tie events.

Tea length is another term used to describe a mid-length skirt hem that hits at the calf or shin. These dresses were popular in 1920s where women would wear to the tea table. Cocktail length dresses can be a bit tricky to pull off but when worn right they can be elegant and sophisticated.

Lina looks effortlessly stylish in this tea length dress which she paired with a long grey tweed coat, monochrome black and white ankle strap heels, brown hat, skinny belt and a black vintage bag for retro vintage-inspired style.


Tips on how to style a tea length dress

  • If you’re vertically challenged like me, I will recommend pairing a midi-length dress with heels to elongate your frame and create a lean silhouette. Nude heels are perfect for doing this too.
  • Take the attention off the legs by wearing this lady like dress with large earrings & statement necklace.
  • Choose/buy a mid-length dress that hit the mid shin (with the right length), it shouldn’t be 2-3 inches long or short to avoid looking clumsy.
  • Opt for pointed toe heels and avoid wedge heels or round toe heels unless you want to look like a housewife then by all means go for it.
  • Tea length dresses focuses on your legs & feet, do make sure they’re well groomed and wear shoes with interesting details to let your feet do all the talking.

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How to style a tea length dress
Wear a ballerina length dress with a belt, barely there heels, statement necklace for a retro meet modern look.  For an office look pair a tea length dress with court heels, tote bag and a structured blazer. For a playful look pair a cocktail length dress with a skinny belt, converse/hi-top sneakers, cross bag & long necklace for a stylish vintage look.

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Share your thoughts with us on this tea length dress and how you would style it

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