Men’s black pea coat, jeans, scarf, blue jeans, biker boots & a man bag: Pants in boots trend : Street Style

Jeans tucked into boots is bang on trend this season for a rugged Wild West look. This look is effortlessly stylish and is perfect for autumn, winter and spring.

Boots come in different types such as the Chelsea boots which are great for casual or work wear. Chukka boots which are perfect for dressing up or down. Wolverine boots are function boots and are great for dressing down or up. Biker boots are perfect for a rugged stylish look and more rugged and beat up the boots are the better. 

He looks stylish in this black pea coat, brown shoulder bag, blue jeans tucked in a pair of black biker boots and a scarf. 

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How to style the pants over the boots:

  • When it comes to tucking your jeans into your boots opt for boots that rise above the ankle and have enough room for the jeans to be tucked in. You can decide to wear the pants over the boots which will look like a normal shoe or can tuck your trousers/pants into your boots.
  • Fit of the pants: Make sure you wear/buy skinny jeans or jeans that are slim enough in the leg so that you can comfortably tuck them into boots. No place for flared, straight or relaxed fit jeans. 
  • Make a small cuff in your pants depending on the length of your pants for comfort.
  • Buy boots that are comfortable, good quality that will last long.
  • Boots come in different style so choose a style that will suit your personal style.
  • Don’t tie the lace all the way up just leave a few lace holes from the top to achieve a rugged look.
  • Wear with confidence

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