Men’s Blue Toms slip-on footwear, blue jeans & black long sleeved shirt : Street Style

Toms slip-on footwear are everywhere this season. Toms canvas slips-on shoes have a certain charm and casual appeal to them.  

These shoes are lightweight, comfortable and are perfect transition from winter to spring/summer.

We love how he has paired his blue Toms slip-on with blue jeans and a black shirt for a polished casual look.

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Not only are Toms versatile and stylish but when you buy a pair of Toms footwear you’re also helping a child in need somewhere in the world. Here is a little bit of history about Toms for those who didn’t know about it.  Toms was founded in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie. The company designs and sells shoes based on Argentine alpargata design and when Toms sells a pair of shoes a pair of shoes is given to a child in need. A One for One scheme.

Toms footwear range has expanded from slip-on to boots, espadrilles and fleecy lining. The classic slip-on also comes in different colours for a statement look with your outfit.

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How to wear Toms slip-on

Toms slip-on footwear is extremely easy to wear. Wear them like you would normally wear your other pair of shoes but with no socks/sockless. If you feel uncomfortable not wearing socks make sure you wear ‘no-show socks’ that sit below the ankle.

Toms slip-on shoes look great when paired with shorts or skinny fitted jeans or straight leg jeans and not baggy or flared jeans.

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Ways to wear Toms slip on

Pair them with skinny/straight leg jeans and a t-shirt for an off duty look. For a summer look wear Toms espadrilles with a pair of shorts, a shirt, and man bag. For a casual look pair Toms footwear with rolled chinos, a shirt and a jacket. For a barbeque look pair the slip-on shoes with short, a polo shirt and a blazer

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