Men’s Navy blue suit with a white shirt and necktie: Men's style

Navy blue suit is an essential & timeless part of every man’s wardrobe & is the obvious choice when it comes to summer or winter.

Navy suits are very flexible, versatile and can be worn in almost all occasions which include weddings/graduations/funerals/corporate wear/special occasions. 

Ade looks sleek in this navy blue suit which he wore with a white crisp shirt, navy blue tie, white pocket square & black shoes. 

Blue is not only a stereotypical colour for men but it’s ultimately the easiest colour to wear and suits all skin tones. It works well with neutral tones as well as complementary colours such as red & yellow. When wearing darker suit such as navy blue make sure you go lighter with your shirt & tie. Always go for a tie that is darker than your shirt but lighter than your suit for a sleek polished look.

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When it comes to what shirt to wear with navy blue suit white, beige/tan, light blue, pastel shirts & blue gingham shirts should go great with it. Navy suits work perfectly with black or brown shoes. Wear dark blue, black, white, grey or red tie with your navy suit for maximum effect. With socks and pocket squares wear lighter shades than the navy backdrop.

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How to wear navy blue suit

Pair an all blue suit with a white shirt, a neck tie or bow tie and monk shoes for a classic look or lose the tie and undo a couple of buttons for a casual look. For the cold months ahead of us, pair a monoblue suit with a knitted cardigan or turtle neck to keep the cold at bay. 

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Get a navy blue suit here, here & here

Let us know if you’ll be wearing a navy blue suit and how you would style it.

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Love the color and cut of the suit on him. Not sure about the length of the tie though. But hey maybe thats whats trending now :-D
The suit fits him perfectly

His pants are too long. The look would be cleaner overall if he had minimal to no break in his pants. I also agree that the tie, although i like the proportion in relation to the lapels, is too short. Part of the reason is his pants are at his hips. Suit pants always look more elegant at the natural waist. I would also lose the belt and go with a dressier one or just lose the belt altogether. But overall, not bad.

Black men really do not suit blue suits..

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