Men’s preppy style: Men’s spring summer 2014 trend - black velvet blazer, black faux suede shoes, shirt, sweater & black trousers

Prep style is timeless and never goes out of fashion. This school boy look continue to gain popularity and is a must have trend to try out this SS14. This trend allows men to maintain that school boy look without actually going back to school. Preppy trend is associated with nicely put together outfits for a sophisticated and elegant look.

Brands like Lacoste, Gant, Tommy Hilfiger, Polo Ralph Lauren and Paul Smith are well known for designing and making this trend so popular and if you need any preppy pieces be sure to check them out.

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Yemi looks savvy in a crisp white shirt paired with a black round neck jumper, black trousers, black faux suede shoes, sunglasses & a black velvet blazer for a polished look. To pull off this trend opt for elegantly fitted trousers and tuck in shirts or t-shirts. 


These are classic preppy staples that you’ll need to incorporate to your look in order to pull off this style: oxford shirt, chino pants & shorts, pocket squares, schoolboy, solid coloured or patterned bow/neck ties tweed jackets, solid & coloured blazers, penny loafers, Sperry top siders, knitwear (wool or cashmere), polo shirts, classic eyeglasses or sunglasses and don’t be scared to colour block your outfit.

From our favourite Tv characters we have decided to show you guys how Chuck Bass played by Ed Westwick (from Gossip Girls) and Nolan Ross (from Revenge) dress up in preppy outfits. 

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How to style a preppy look

Pair a patterned shirt with a solid colour blazer, pocket square, a bow tie or patterned neck tie, rolled chinos, man bag for a sleek preppy look which can be worn to the office or casual events. Wear a t-shirt with a cardigan, coloured chino trousers or shorts & brogues. Team a white shirt with a black or navy blazer, chino pants and loafer for a stylish summer preppy look. Pair a polo t-shirt with a blazer & jeans/chinos, sunglasses & dessert shoes for an urban prep ensemble. Pair a V-neck baseball sweater with a shirt, tie (optional), slippers & chinos pants or shorts for a relaxing weekend look. Pair a sweater vest with a neck/bow toe, patterned/striped shirt, coloured chinos and converse for a statement look.

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