Men’s Red Pants with a chambray shirt & moccasin: Men's style

Wearing bold colours for men can be a little bit intimidating; confidence is the key to pulling off this trend. I’m sure some of you are all over the coloured chinos trend this summer so why not move this look into autumn/winter as well? 

Red pants are bold and normally make a statement on their own. Red pants are versatile and can be worn for all occasions from a casual to office and evening look. 

Stephen paired his red pants with a chambray shirt and black loafers for a simple stylish look.

Before you go buying a pair of red trousers, bear in mind the colours you have in your wardrobe. It’s best to invest in basic V neck or round neck t-shirts– especially if you’re working on a budget. 

If you’re not bold enough one pop of colour should be enough to make a statement. This means that if you’re wearing bold/bright colour on the bottom you need to tone down your top half by wearing neutral or muted shades. You can decide to keep it simple by wearing neutral or earthly coloured shirts such as a white, black, navy, grey or brown with your red trousers. 

But if you’re feeling a little daring you can pair your red chinos with printed/patterned shirts or with bold colour shirts for a statement look.

Red pants look great when worn with knitwear/blazer or you can even wear a jacket over your combination. Pair your red trousers with the right pair of shoes; wear neutral pair of shoes such as brogues, slippers, loafers, converse or boots for an edgy look.

Let us know if you will be investing in red pants or will you be sticking to your trusty blues, and if so, why?

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