Men’s white collarless/Grandad/ Mandarin collar shirt with blue jeans & desert boots: Street Style

Men’s white collarless designs give the classic shirt a sophisticated update. These grandad work wear shirts are bang on trend this season and are perfect for formal or informal occasions. 

Collarless grandad shirts come in long sleeves, short sleeves, plain or printed and are perfect when teamed with jeans, chinos, blazers or jackets. Band collar shirts can be made from cotton, linen or jersey and come in a slightly relaxed fit.


One can decide to button all the way to the top or leave one or two buttons open, the choice is yours.  Victor looks effortless in this white collarless shirt which he teamed with a pair of blue jeans and chocolate brown desert boots for a polished look.

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Celebrities in collarless/band collar shirts

If you still don’t believe that collarless shirts are on trend, take note from the following A-listers who have been spotted out and about rocking the shirts.Orlando Bloom, stepped out in a navy blue Mandarin collar shirt with grey trousers and black and white sneakers with a series of bracelets on his wrist for a relaxed look. Jude Law paired his striped collarless shirt with a three piece suit for a well put together formal look. Kanye West paired a white Acne Studios Isherwood pop collarless white shirt with a pair of blue ripped jeans & Chelsea boots.


Will.I.Am made a bold statement in a striped granddad style kaftan shirt which he teamed with a black pair of trousers with white side panel, studded black boots with white sole, black collarless blazer with a matching cap for a red carpet look. Kanye West stepped out in a white band collar style kaftan shirt which he teamed with a black and white geometric print blazer black ripped jeans and brown desert boots for a cool casual look. Olly Murs wore a pale blue collarless shirt which he teamed with a brown belt, brown tassel loafers and cream chinos. 


How to wear a grandad/collarless shirt

Pair a band collar shirt with a pair of jeans, loafers and a watch for a cool look. For a formal-casual look wear a collarless shirt with a blazer, chinos and boat shoes. For a work style wear a collarless shirt with a pair of smart trousers, belt and moccasin. For a preppy look pair a grandad white shirt with a black round neck sweater, trousers and oxford shoes. 

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