Men's Dashiki shirt, black chinos & shearling collar denim jacket

Dashiki is taking the fashion world by storm. This traditional piece of clothing is unisex and can be worn by both men and women. We have also spotted a few celebrities rocking dashiki shirts/top which makes it this season must have item in your wardrobe.

Dashiki is a colourful African print garment mostly worn by the people of West Africa (Yoruba in Nigeria) which covers the top half of the body. This piece of garment can be worn for formal and informal occasions such as weddings/birthdays events. They come in just a shirt to a fully tailored suits.

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Daniel looks well put together in a green embroidered dashiki which he paired with a blue shearling collar denim jacket, black chinos, black sunglasses and brown moccasin for a slick look.

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Dashikis are loose-fitting with V-shaped collar and embroidered neck & sleeve lines. They look great when teamed with smart or casual pants such as jeans, chinos or shorts. 

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Let us know if you will be wearing a dashiki shirt this season and how you're planning to style it.

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Love the shirt because it's so colourful and summery! Fab combo with casual denim!

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