Men's Dashiki shirt with red trousers. Women's snakeskin trousers, green top & blazer

Hi guys hope you ‘all doing okay. Welcome to my first street style blog post. I am a street style fashion photographer; I love taking street fashion photos especially for those individuals out there who are not afraid to display their personalities through fashion.

 Let face everyone has a different style, and your style might not be necessarily my cup of tea but it works for you.  Here I will be displaying random style from random people, and if you’re interested to be features in Fashion Cadet street style, send me your photos and a little description of your style. 

Men's Dashiki shirt, men's red trousers, men's red pants, dashiki shirt, men's african print shirt

snakeskin pants, snake skin trousers, snake print pants, snake peint trousers, cream blazer, grey blazer, clutch

I took these photos a while back and I would like to share it with you guys. I love Stephen and Tolu’s style. They don’t shun away from bold colours and it works for them.


I love the way Tolu has combined her snake print trouser with a neutral blazer

men's dashiki shirt, men's red pants, men's red trousers, red trousers, red pants, African print shirt, men's african print shirt


men's dashiki shirt, men's african print shirt




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