Men's denim jacket, denim shirt & denim jeans: Triple Denim trend: Street Style

Who said you can't wear Denim On Denim? Nowadays wearing Denim On Denim is no longer a fashion faux pas. I  know Double Denim can be a hard look to carry off but lately people have been pulling it off without looking like Madonna in 1980s.

When wearing Denim On Denim bear in mind that, your shades of blue don't have to match. You can pair a lighter denim shade with a darker shade (contrast of colour). To achieve this look wear a darker boyfriend jeans/skinny jeans, a basic t-shirt and throw in a light denim jacket/shirt for a two-toned fashionable trendy. 

Denim On Denim can also be worn by wearing distressed jeans/pieces with a clean cut denim. Wear your distressed jeans by teaming it up with all buttoned up and tucked in denim shirt you can also throw in a necklace. This trend can be paired not on with boyfriend/skinny jean but with shorts and skirts.

You can also wear the same shade of denim for the top and bottom half.

You can even Cheat Denim on Denim by wearing a pair of jean with chambray shirt. Denim pieces come in form of denim bags, denim shoes, denim pencil skirts, denim shorts, denim dresses and belts. 

Men and women can both wear Denim on Denim and still look fab. I'm especially excited to wear head-to-toe denim this fall because  it's easily lends itself to layering. Plus it's one of my favorite mindless outfits to throw on for a casual day at work or over the weekend but I'am yet to get my denim shirt very soon watch this space.

What do you think about all-over denim? Are you ready to give it a go?

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He looks super cool and I really love denim on denim. Although I haven´t tried it yet but I will. Got my denim shirt yesterday. Just don´t do it the Britney and Justin way :D

Britney and Justin... that was a disaster, the fashion police were supposed to lock them up for what they wore lol

What a well put-together look! I love all of the subtle details he added to make it different, without overpowering the main theme of denim-on-denim.

My denim jacket goes best with a grey tank top from what I've seen. Its not a full length jacket, it stops slightly below my waist. I would consider it a medium shade of blue.



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